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Not sure which service is best for your upcoming trip? Learn more about the details of each service here. 

Personalized Travel Consulting

Personalized Travel Consulting is ideal for the traveler that enjoys booking and planning their own trips, but would appreciate the advice of a European Travel Specialist (me!) to make sure they don’t leave home without any unanswered questions.

The internet is an abyss of travel information. Come to me instead – I’ll be a one-stop shop for all of your questions. While the Travel Consulting does not include a detailed site-seeing schedule (such as my written itinerary service), I will give you tips on how to maximize your site-seeing time. I’ll make sure you’ll know about the sights and tours that fit your interests and you can decide if you’d like to take the advice or not.

Most travelers prefer our communications take place predominantly via email (send me those random questions at midnight!). Email will keep us organized and allow us the flexibility to touch base at any hour (though, that midnight email may get a reply at 9am, haha).

For those who like to go over things over the phone or video chat (I love speaking with my awesome clients!), my Travel Consulting service also includes up to three 30-minute calls. These are optional and by client request. Our chats will act to mostly support and review what we have discussed in email, making sure questions were fully addressed. Additional 30 minute calls can be added at $50 per session.

Yes, it is! Bring me all of your questions! I’ll get you the answer.

While I will offer advice on where to book a hotel and which tours I think are worth taking, the actual process of booking these for you is not included in the Personalized Travel Consulting service.

If you are interested in me taking care of this for you, booking IS included in my Door to Door Itinerary service. I will be able to get you the same price or lower than you would find online. And, I do not add a mark-up (you pay me for my service, I work for YOU, not the tour operator/hotel, etc).

Personalized Travel Consulting covers most of Europe, but not all. Rest assured, I offer travel advice for almost all of the most popular tourist destinations (ie. Rome, Paris, London, Amalfi Coast, Dubrovnik…etc). Contact me about where you want to go or have an interest in going, and I’ll let you know if for any reason I don’t cover that city/town.

My Door to Door Itinerary service covers both large and small cities on the continent (including those in Iceland and Scandinavia).

You know what? As a lover of travel, I have traveled quite a bit outside of Europe as well. I’d love to offer advice on some of my other favorite destinations such as Hawaii, NYC, and Tokyo. Go ahead and contact me and we’ll see!

I can! But not as part of my Travel Consulting service. Cruise on over (pun intended!) to my Tour & Cruise Matchmaking service. There is a $200 refundable “Matchmaking Fee” and all advice and booking is included.

If we are working together on travel advice and you decide that you’d like me to go ahead and book and plan your itinerary for the same trip, you can usually upgrade to the Door to Door Itinerary service. You will just pay the difference between the cost of the Itinerary service versus the Travel Consulting (if the itinerary service is less, the Consulting plan price prevails). If you are thinking about this, ask me. We will discuss!

Door-to-Door Itineraries

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is it hard for you to take a vacation because you don’t have time to *plan* your vacation?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of travel information available on the internet?
  • Do you want to arrive with an organized plan (with some built in flexibility) in order to maximize your time each travel day?
  • Are you afraid you’ll miss something on your trip that was a “must see?”
  • Is this your first trip to Europe but you’d like arrive feeling the same confidence of a return visitor?
  • Have you been to Europe before but want to discover new sites and towns off the beaten tourist track?
  • Do you enjoy traveling independently but want the same time efficiency a group tour offers?
  • Would you like to just arrive in Europe and have it all figured out already?


If you said “yes” to any – or all – of these questions, then yes, this service was MEANT for you!

It all starts with a conversation (via email, phone, or video chat) where you tell me everything about your interests, travel style, where you’ve traveled before, etc. 

Most of our communication will take place via email. Sometimes it will serve us best to discuss your travel preferences and review itinerary drafts over the phone/in video chat, but this is up to you. Any calls will be scheduled in advance (30 minutes sessions; nights and weekends are available).

My itinerary service includes unlimited itinerary revisions and unlimited travel advice, so that you can be confident in knowing that the itinerary isn’t completed until you say it is.

By hiring me, a professional travel planner, you benefit from the knowledge and experience that I have collected over the course of a decade in both my own travels and planning trips for my clients. I like to describe it as being like the familiarity you feel when you visit a location twice – when you know exactly the route to take, the sights to see, and the best restaurant for dinner. My goal with every itinerary that I plan is that you feel that kind of low-stress confidence from Day 1.

I also love this statistic: Did you know that traveling with an itinerary can help you see approximately 30% more than you would have without one? We’ve all been there: All of that time spent standing around wondering where to go next…or, the wasted time standing in the ticket line because we didn’t realize we could order tickets online. I want to help you avoid losing that precious vacation time and instead use it more efficiently.

This is not to say I don’t believe in down-time. Most of us are not going to enjoy our vacations very much if we are running from place to place without a break. It’s a magical thing when you can “plan” your breaks…using what might have been a wasted 30 minutes standing in a line instead to sip on a cappuccino while enjoying a scenic view.

Feel free to contact me at any time and no matter what stage of trip planning you are in. I believe that a great itinerary is a crafted and evolves over time. We can start shaping it as early or as late as needed with changes being made even up to the very last minute.

Advanced Planning: Need help deciding where to go and the best time to go? We can start discussing a prospective trip well in advance (1-2 years, even).

Optimal Timeline: At about 6-8 months prior to your travel dates, this is an ideal time to start working on an itinerary outline and start securing accommodations. Activities and bookings will continue to be honed as we get closer (see Itinerary Process for the steps I follow).

Last-Minute: Need an itinerary for a trip coming up next week? Next month? Contact me. If I can fit it into my schedule, I will!

Itineraries are crafted and evolve over time. I’ll be with you from the start of planning until the day you return home. For that reason, there is no set amount of time that it takes. It’s not “done” until you say it’s done – and even then we can make last-minute adjustments, as needed!

As for last-minute trips, it will depend on the length of stay and my availability, but I can usually expedite an itinerary and get it to you within a week.

As no two travelers are alike, either are the itineraries that I create. They are 100% customized around you: your interests, preferences, lifestyle, budget, and travel pace. I’ll ask specific questions and also count on you to share your questions and concerns with me. I aim to learn what would make your next trip to Europe your dream trip. Based on these conversations, I’ll present options and make suggestions. You will decide what makes it onto the itinerary and what doesn’t. And with unlimited itinerary revisions, you always have the freedom to change your mind!

Yes, it is! Bring me all of your questions! I’ll get you the answer.

Yes, the Door-to-Door Itinerary service covers everything! And that also means taking this tedious and sometimes stressful booking process off your plate.

While I specialize in travel planning, I am also a Travel Agent affiliated with Travel Leaders, the largest professional travel agent network in North America. Through this network I have cultivated relationships with many hotel, cruise, and tour companies (both large and small).

Thanks to the buying power of the Travel Leaders network, I am able to access the lowest available rates – the same price or lower than you would find online – and can sometimes provide special perks to my clients.

Due to my connections throughout Europe, anything I book for you will be at the best price available (the same price or lower than you might find online). I do not add a mark-up and my inventory is not limited to only tours, hotels, transportation, etc that pay a commission. I will book the best option for YOU at the best price available, period.

Yes! For cities and towns, large and small. Including Iceland, and the Scandinavian countries.

Yes, sometimes and on a case-by-case basis. I love to travel and have traveled extensively throughout the United States. One of my favorite places in the world is Hawaii, one of my favorite cities is NYC, and so many in between.

Please contact me and we’ll discuss!

I can! You might like to cruise on over (pun intended!) to my Tour & Cruise Matchmaking service description. There is a $200 refundable “Matchmaking Fee” and all advice and booking is included. (In this case, tour and cruise operators do compensate me with a commission for booking your trip, but make no mistake, I don’t work for them. When you choose to work with me, I work for YOU.)

Door-to-Door Itinerary service can be added for the days before and after your tour or cruise at the daily itinerary rate.

Tour & Cruise Matchmaking

There many tour companies and cruise lines operating in Europe. Each one differentiates themselves in the market by catering to their own specific niche. When you choose to work with me, I will immediately begin by asking “get to know you” questions. Your answers will help me “play matchmaker” so that I can introduce you to the option that will best fit your needs and expectations.

Multi-day escorted group tours are a wonderful way experience the delights of Europe. Joining a tour is low-stress as it already includes your itinerary, transportation, lodging, guided sightseeing, and some meals.

With many great itineraries and tour operators to choose from – there is literally something for everyone! Perhaps you are interested in a 7-day tour from London to Paris or a 10-day food-themed tour through Spain?

Tour companies I work with include: Globus, Perillo Tours, Trafalgar, Brendan Vacations, Abercrombie & Kent, Intrepid Travel, Tauck, and more!

Surrender to the graceful and luxurious experience of a cruise. Many travelers are choosing a cruise for the simplicity of the experience and the pampering that many cruise lines are offering. Choose your adventure:

  • River Cruise: Cruise one of Europe’s many scenic rivers and enjoy exploring the quaint villages and historic cities you encounter along the route.
  • Mediterranean Cruise: With ports of call featuring everything from beaches to ruins, you will enjoy cruising through this diverse and historic region of Europe.

Each cruise line caters to a specific niche traveler and offers a variety of ships, amenities, itineraries and even themed itineraries to choose from. When you work with me, I will narrow down the choices and match you to your perfect cruise line and itinerary.

Cruise lines that I work with include: Viking Cruises (both River and Ocean), AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Tauck, Uniworld, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Azamara Club Cruises, and more!

Customer Service.

When you work with me you receive:

  • A European escorted tour and cruise expert. I will help you narrow down the many choices. For instance, when choosing a cruise, I will guide you through the various ships, itineraries, and cabin category options.
  • Unlimited Travel Advice – I will answer any questions you have from which excursions to choose to if you should upgrade your room package.
  • Your personal travel advocate. If trouble should arise, you will be able to contact me so that I can work to resolve it on your behalf.
  • Assistance making special arrangements. Whether it be ordering a special meal due to dietary requirements, if you need mobility assistance, or are celebrating a wedding anniversary – I will coordinate with the tour company or cruise line on your behalf.
  • Transportation Booking. I will coordinate the booking of your international flight as well as any travel within Europe (planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles).
  • Pre- and Post- Tour/Cruise Hotel Booking. I will book any additional nights in a hotel before and/or after your tour/cruise.


I am affiliated with Travel Leaders, the largest professional travel agent network in North America. Through this network I have cultivated relationships with many hotel, cruise, and tour companies (both large and small).

The buying power of the Travel Leaders network, provides me with access the lowest available rates – at the same price or lower than you would find online. I always keep up to date with the latest promotions and value-added perks such as onboard credit, free photos, pre-paid gratuities, and free upgrades.

I will also keep an eye out for price reductions. If the price drops after booking, I will try to rebook you at the lower rate, get you a refund, on-board credit, or an upgrade.

Before we start working together on your trip, I will ask you for a $200 Matchmaking Fee. When you book your tour or cruise with me, and after your final payment is applied, I will refund the $200 fee in full. However, if you decide not to take the trip, book elsewhere, or cancel a reservation, I will retain the $200 as compensation for the time spent working on your vacation.

The Matchmaking fee includes the time spent getting to know your travel style, researching and preparing quotes, my Unlimited Travel Advice, and booking of all elements of your vacation.

Tour and cruise operators do compensate me with a commission for booking your trip, but make no mistake, I don’t work for them. When you choose to work with me, I work for YOU.

Yes, my Door-to-Door Itinerary service can be added for the days before and after your tour or cruise at the daily itinerary rate.

Can I work with you to book a Tour or Cruise outside of Europe?

Europe is my specialty and it’s where I do the bulk of my bookings and have my certifications. However, I do have experience in booking trips outside of Europe (as well as having personally traveled on them).

If you’re interested in working with me for a destination outside of Europe, please contact me and we’ll discuss!

Not sure which is the best option for you? Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation and we’ll figure it out together

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